Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Overseas by Beatriz Williams

When investment banker Kate Wilson first lays eyes on the legendary and devastatingly handsome Wall Street hedge fund billionaire Julian Laurence after a business meeting, she feels strangely and inexplicably as though she already knows him.  Still, Kate knows she should be cautious with her heart - British billionaires don't fall in love with bankers from Wisconsin.  But Julian's relentless pursuit of Kate's love has a much deeper, more impossible story behind it.  The modern Julian Laurence bears an astonishing resemblence to Captain Julian Laurence Ashford, a British aristocrat and famous poet who was killed in France during World War I, his body never recovered.  With enough romance, passion and enduring love to make your heart sing and your fingertips tingle, Beatriz Williams' first novel is also a fast-paced mystery packed with historical detail.  If you're a hopeless romantic looking for another dashing, debonair gentleman to shelve alongside Mr. Darcy, you'll want to put Overseas at the top of your summer reading list!

Overseas will be published on May 10, 2012.  This review was based on a review copy sent by the publisher.