Friday, August 10, 2012

Tigers in Red Weather by Liza Klaussmann

In the days after the end of the second World War, life is full of promise for cousins Nick and Helena.  Spending the sun-soaked summers of their childhood together at their family summer home Tiger House in Martha's Vineyard, the two are closer than sisters.  After sharing a cramped apartment in New York for the duration of the war, Nick is on the Havana Special, headed south to Miami to be reunited with her beloved husband, Hughes, where they will start their lives together.  Helena is headed west to Hollywood, where she will marry Avery Lewis, a second chance for love and dreams come true after her first husband was killed in the war.

But Hughes is changed by the war, and Avery is not the man, or the husband, Helena thought he was.  Unable to escape their lives, secrets, lies, resentment and guilt lie just beneath the surface of seemingly perfect summers of tennis, sailing, sunbathing and glittering parties on the Island.  But when Nick's daughter Daisy and Helena's son Ed discover the body of a brutally murdered maid, the violent crime threatens to shatter the glass house of their lives that Nick and Helena so fiercely want to protect.

From the sun-bleached docks of post-war Florida to the hot August clay of tennis courts in the Vineyard, lovers of multi-generational family sagas like those of Penny Vincenzi, Anne Rivers Siddons, and Fern Michaels won't want to miss Tigers in Red Weather this summer!