Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Ideal Bookshelf

In My Ideal Bookshelf more than one hundred creative individuals share the titles of the books that are most important to them. Artist Jane Mount has painted a bookshelf for each of these lists and a short essay accompanies each shelf. The cultural figures featured in this book are not only writers and editors but also musicians, chefs, actors, photographers, designers and an athlete. Some names are well-known and some are not. This book can be enjoyed in many different ways. The art is so delightful you can enjoy just looking at the pictures. You can find out which books some of your favorite celebrities value. You can see who has read the books you have read. You can keep track of which titles and authors appear most often. You can even create your own bookshelf, photocopying the blank graphic on the back cover.  Fiction, history, biography, philosophy, poetry, science and even children’s books fit on these eclectic celebrity bookshelves and they might also be part of yours!