Friday, June 14, 2013

Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan

Just in time for Father's Day, comedian Jim Gaffigan has given readers Dad is Fat. This collection of essays and reflections on being a parent is hysterical. Fans of Gaffigan, as well as those not familiar with his stand-up, will find themselves laughing at his observations, quips and one liners on the strange world that children and parents inhabit.

Share a special storytime with your family and read his essays out loud. Read "The Pharaoh and the Slave" to your friend who is months (or days) from being a first time father. For the more literary types, there is a pretty accurate analysis of children's literature in "A Critical Analysis of Children's Literature". For those who value personal space and alone time, enjoy "How to Put Five Kids to Bed in a Two-Bedroom Apartment".

It's hard to find a comic who appeals to everyone, and Gaffigan comes close. Anyone who was a child, is a parent or had a child or a parent will enjoy Dad is Fat.

Note: Jim Gaffigan is doing a book talk and signing on Saturday June 15th at Boswell Book Company. Check out Boswell's event page for more information!