Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The First Phone Call from Heaven by Mitch Albom

How would you like to receive a phone call from one of your loved ones who passed away?  Well the townspeople of Coldwater are able to do just that.  Many of the members of this small town are getting frequent calls from their loved ones that have passed away.  This event leaks to the media and everyone wants to head to Coldwater to learn more about this miraculous happening.  One member of the town, Sully Harding becomes suspicious of these phone calls and decides to investigate what is happening.  Are these phone calls a hoax or are the townspeople really getting phone calls from their loved ones? Find out for yourself in this novel written by the author who also wrote, The Five People you Meet in Heaven.  This novel will leave you at the edge of your seat wanting to learn the truth.  As a reader you become attached to the characters while they are all trying to make sense of this phenomenon.
The audiobook version of this novel is read by Mitch Albom and who better to read the story than the author himself.  This moving story comes to life as the author takes you through this emotional story. With a surprise ending, this is a must read for anyone who believes in the afterlife or is curious about how the world could react if their loved ones are calling from the dead.