Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother by Judy Olausen

Judy Olausen’s mother, Vivien, is definitely a good-natured good sport. In her daughter’s book of photographs, Mother, she is the only model and she proves to be willing to pose in all manner of ridiculous situations and costumes in this send-up of the 1950’s ideal housewife and mother. In pictures filled with 1950’s memorabilia, she washes, dries and irons laundry. She scrubs, vacuums, shops, cooks and waits for the man of the house to arrive. Mother goes to church. Mother serves drinks. Mother gets her hair done. Mother goes camping. Mother IS a coffee table. Mother IS driftwood. Mother IS roadkill. Mother IS a doormat. Mother is an excellent model and MOTHER is just plain funny.

Check out Mother @ the library! Also check out other books featuring moms with our May book display!