Friday, June 13, 2014

Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Georgie McCool is on the verge of something big. Her show, the show she has been working on with longtime friend and writing partner Seth has caught the eye of a network executive. He wants a scrips and to have a meeting on December 27th. It could work, if Neal and the girls just skip their Christmas trip to Nebraska, and she works through the holiday. It will be fine.

But it's not fine, as Neal and the girls leave for Omaha without her. Stuck without her family, but with her dream still intact, Georgie has time to work on her new show. Her mother thinks Neal has left her, and even Georgie isn't sure what his leaving means. If he would just answer the phone she could talk to him and figure it all out.

It's on landline at her mother's house that she finally gets a hold of Neal, but not current (December 2013) Neal, Neal from December 1998, right after a huge fight when he left her for Omaha the last time. Can Georgie balance her current dreams with her family? Or has she already lost Neal?

Landline is one of those comedic, dramatic, make sure you have some tissue on hand books that captures the way everyday life gets in the way of what we truly want. Georgie's current life flashes back to her college years when she was just meeting Neal, and becoming friends with Seth. The way Georgie struggles to balance work and family will resonate with many readers, looking for balance in their own life.

Landline will be published on July 8th, and this review was based on an Advance Readers Copy from the publisher. It's in the catalog, so you can put a hold on the book today!