Friday, April 3, 2015

Beauty Poetry: She Walks in Beauty and Nature Poetry: Make Me a Picture of the Sun by Sheila Griffin Llanas

Two slender volumes filled with information about poets and poetry, Beauty Poetry: She Walks in Beauty and Nature Poetry: Make Me a Picture of the Sun by Sheila Griffin Llanas will be of interest to readers who like words, rhyme, rhythm and history. Each volume contains eight poems with a chapter devoted to each poem. Each chapter provides a biography of the poet, a short discussion of the poem in its historical context, an analysis of the rhyme and rhythm scheme and a discussion of the meaning of the poem. The writers are well-known poets of the English language, such as William Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson, William Shakespeare and Lord Byron. Many of the poems, but perhaps not all, will also be familiar. The explanations of all elements of each poem are easily understood and, just as an art expert can point out the importance of brush strokes or tints in a famous painting, Ms. Llanas isolates particular words and phrases that add to the understanding of a poem. These books are a good introduction or a good refresher to poetry.