Friday, September 11, 2015

The Stories We Tell by Patti Callahan Henry

In The Stories We Tell, Eve and Cooper Morrison have everything they could ever want. They have money, perfect careers, a beautiful house in Savannah, and the perfect, well-to-do, old family. Eve owns a letterpress studio, where she focuses on designing and making homemade cards, invitations, and special paper items. Her husband, Cooper, owns an e-magazine company. On the outside, everything is exactly how it should seem.

While everything appears perfect from the outside, that facade couldn't be farther from the truth. Eve's sister Willa is staying with Eve and Cooper just until she gets her life "sorted out." Eve's teenage daughter is going through a rebellious state. And as if that isn't bad enough for Eve, Cooper thinks that she's is so busy devoting time to everything else except her marriage to him.

Amid all of the chaos in the Morrison family, Cooper and Willa wind up in a car accident that leaves Willa with some memory loss. When Cooper tells what happened the night of the accident, things don't seem to match up. Why would Cooper say that Willa was drunk when she wasn't? Where did the money in Eve's business bank account go? Why is Eve receiving cryptic messages written in greeting cards designed by letterpress ?

Sorting through Coopers story, Willa's memories, and the real facts, Eve has to decide if her perfect life is really worth all of this.