Friday, October 30, 2015

Wisconsin Supper Club Cookbook by Mary Bergin

Wisconsin is famous for its food. Beer, brats, and cheese are often staples in any Wisconsinite's diet. There's also the famous Friday night fish fry and the classic Wisconsin drink the Old Fashioned. Wisconsin is a state rich in food history. With that food history comes the supper club. Bergin's Wisconsin Supper Club Cookbook points out that each Wisconsin supper club is as unique as the small town in which it's located. Traditionally owned by a "local," these establishments are a toss back to a more simple time--homemade food, a small town feel, and a regular crowd.

Bergin's new book takes a look at some of Wisconsin's classic supper clubs. Broken up by geographical location, the book features some of the most favored recipes from of Wisconsin's most well know supper clubs. From cucumber dill spread from Redd Mill Supper Club in Stevens Point to bacon wrapped water chestnuts from Milwaukee's The Packing House, this unique cookbook is sure to have something for everyone. With a bit of a history about each supper club and lots of pictures, this book provides a unique glimpse at Wisconsin history and culture.