Friday, November 20, 2015

Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner

Rachel Blum has had a congenital heart defect from birth, one which she says has left her with a broken heart. Born into a loving family with parents who loving dote on her, Rachel can be a bit spoiled. After spending time in and out of the hospital until she was eight years old, Rachel became a "pro at this hospital thing." Her life will change forever the night she tells a story to a scared boy with a broken arm who is all alone in the hospital ER.

Andy Landis is the only child to a single parent, sometimes absent mother. Andy, whose father is African American and whose mother is white, doesn't quite fit in. With a father who is presumed dead and a mother who works all the time, but can never seem to make ends meet, Andy is often forced to wear clothing from the donation pile at church--even if it winds up being from his arch enemy in school. Headed down the wrong path, Andy meets his neighbor Mr. Sills who acts as a stand-in father.  After throwing a brick through a car windshield one night, Andy's mom suggests he channel all of his anger into running. From then on, Andy runs.

Little did Rachel and Andy know that their meeting in a hospital ER would change the course of their lives. Told in alternating view points for the next thirty years, the stories of Rachel and Andy lives begin to unfold. Coming from different walks of life, Rachel and Andy's love seems to defy it all. Weiner once again does a great job telling the story in Who Do you Love and leaves the reader questioning what true love really feels like.