Friday, June 3, 2016

The Guest Room by Chris Bohjalian

Richard Chapman has always done what he's supposed to. He has a college degree, a great job in banking and finance, the perfect house in a suburb just outside of New York City, and has an adoring wife and daughter. This time doing what he's supposed to includes hosting his younger, often quite immature, brother's bachelor party. He expects the typical shenanigans of drinking and female exotic dancers at the party, but things go horribly wrong when the two exotic dancers, Alexandra and Sonja, turn out to be prostitutes. As if that's not bad enough, Alexandra and Sonja, in a desperate attempt to set themselves free, wind up killing their Russian bodyguards before they disappear.

Alexandra is a young nineteen year old Russian girl, who only dreamed of being a ballerina. After her mother's death, Alexandra is abducted and forced into sexual exploitation. Making her way to New York with two other girls in the same position as her, Alexandra is willing to do almost anything to break the shackles of prostitution. But is she capable of murder?

The Guest Room tells the story of Richard and Alexandra in tandem. Bohjalian has done a great job of shedding the light on the sexual objectification of women and human trafficking. Gripping your attention after a short time, this is bound to be a page turner.