Friday, August 19, 2016

Slade House by David Mitchell

By the time young Nathan and his mother have found the mysterious entrance to Slade House, the reader already feels uneasy on their behalf. Nathan is an adolescent, perhaps autistic, and very sensitive to his surroundings. His mother, eager to make a good impression on the mistress of Slade House, Lady Grayer is impatient and bossy. And it is her impatience that puts them both in danger. Nathan can sense that something is not quite right in Slade House but his mother, so concerned with appearances, ignores his apprehension. As a result, they fall victim to Jonah and Norah, the immortal twins who dwell in Slade House. They are Anchorites, malevolent beings who will never die so long as they inhale the souls of others on a regular basis. Every nine years, a vulnerable person is lured to Slade House on one pretext or another. A shape-shifting twin will flatter and intrigue the victim until the trap is spring and there is no escape. Author David Mitchell's story ranges from 1979 to 2015. Each of the five victims is vulnerable in his or her own way and dies accordingly. Slade House is an eerie tale of soul vampires and their victims. Prepare to be frightened.