Friday, October 21, 2016

Multiple Listings by Tracy McMillan

Nicki Daniels is a thirty-something woman with her life together. She is a single mom to son Cody, works full time as a real estate appraiser, has a beautiful home, and has a sweet boyfriend whom she's looking to buy a house and restaurant with. While it may appear that she has everything she wants, Nicki isn't content or happy, so imagine the shock when Nicki's former-inmate father, Ronnie that she hasn't seen in 17 years, suddenly shows up on her doorstep, wanting a place to stay while he's on parole. Battling the feelings of neglect she faced during her childhood, Nicki reluctantly agrees to let Ronnie move in. Fearing his typical selfish behavior, Nicki is reluctant to open up to her father and doesn't want her son Cody becoming attached to Ronnie. When Nicki's life is all but falling apart, it very well might be the catalyst that the father and daughter duo needs to reconnect.

Inspired by the author's life, Multiple Listings is a witty, charming, and funny story filled with entertaining characters that are relatable to any family. However by the end of the book, it is clear to see what really In the process you realize that a house is not a home without a family to live in it.