Friday, May 11, 2012

Mr. Chartwell by Rebecca Hunt

FACT: Winston Churchill suffered from depression his entire adult life and he referred to this depression as a “black dog.”

FICTION:  Churchill’s depression was an actual large, odorous, obnoxious black dog (Black Pat) who walked on two legs and spoke English. He was visible only to Churchill, and lurked ominously in all aspects of his life.  As Churchill prepares to retire from public life in July, 1964, Black Pat introduces himself to a young widow, Esther Hammerhans, seeking to move into her home. Esther, too meek and confused to resist Black Pat’s insidious advances, seems destined for a dark future. Well-drawn characters, humor and creative use of language help the author to succeed with this preposterous plot.  Check out Mr. Chartwell @the library!