Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt

Eli Sisters is a hired gun with a heart of gold. Riding through the American West of the 1850s, he is inclined to feed the hungry, shelter the shelterless, give his money away and share his delight in his newly learned skill of tooth brushing. Partnered with his older brother, Charlie (a more flint-hearted killer), he seeks out and kills men on the orders of his powerful boss, the Commodore, no questions asked. But on this particular trip to the hills of northern California, in pursuit of a gold prospector, Eli does question what he is doing and longs for the more peaceful existence of a storekeeper. Furthermore, the outcome of the mission will change the brothers’ relationship and way of life forever. Despite the Sisters Brothers many ruthless acts of violence to man and beast, Eli is a likeable narrator trying to make sense of his life in a violent land and time. This book is less a Western than a wry, dark comedy about the struggle between the forces of Evil and More Evil.  The Sisters Brothers was a big win with two of our librarians!