Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life as I Blow It by Sarah Colonna

Sarah Colonna thinks that everyone has two different personalities. For her, there is the responsible person who pays bills on time, always has a job and lives close to her family. Then there is the side that sees the benefits of being alone, having fun and partying. Finding a guy who accepts and understand both of these sides is not easy, and these are her stories of trying to find Mr. Right, and sometimes Mr. Right Now.

From her dating exploits as young girl growing up in Arkansas to a more mature woman trying to work and live in LA are laugh out loud funny. Fans of Chelsea Handler will recognise her friend and co-worker, and definitely enjoy Sarah's takes on dating and life.If you are looking for something fun to read in a beach chair with an umbrella drink, check out Life as I Blow It by Sarah Colonna.