Friday, June 8, 2012

Watergate by Thomas Mallon

Since the facts of the Watergate scandal are stranger than fiction, the plot of this book writes itself.  Seven men who worked at the direction of CREEP (The Committee to Re-Elect the President) were arrested while breaking into the Democratic National Headquarters in Washington DC. Hush money was paid. Hearings were held. Perjury was committed. High ranking government officials went to jail and President Richard Nixon was forced to resign. By recounting this story fictionally, the author is able to depict a humanity for the perpetrators, co-conspirators and innocent by-standers that mere facts cannot convey. Once the deed is done, emotions, not rational thinking, take over. We follow and even empathize with, Richard Nixon, E. Howard Hunt, Fred LaRue, Rose Mary Woods and others who get caught in an ever-growing web of lies.