Friday, February 22, 2013

Download the New CountyCat Mobile App!

Do you have a smartphone?  Use CountyCat to look stuff up and manage your library account?  Do you read our book blog on your phone?  Do you want to put the titles we blog on hold before you get home and can log in to your laptop?  Now you can do all that stuff on your phone!

Just go to your phone's app store, search for CountyCat Mobile, download, and you've got the library with you wherever you go.  You can do all the stuff you can do on CountyCat online, plus keep up with the library's Facebook page and Twitter, find events at the West Allis and other Milwaukee County libraries, find your closest library (hey, maybe you're hanging out in Bay View for the afternoon and want to grab a library book - you can use your West Allis library card at any Milwaukee County library!), and check out all the new stuff we're getting in.

My favorite feature?  The BookLook scanner!  Scan the ISBN barcode of any book, anywhere, and CountyCat Mobile will tell you if the library owns the book!  As someone who is always in the bookstore wondering if I should buy the book or just put it on hold, I looooove this.  Especially because now I can put it on hold on my phone while I'm standing in the bookstore instead of writing down titles on the back of a Starbucks napkin.  Sweet!

And yes, of COURSE it's free!