Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Here I Go Again by Jen Lancaster

Lissy Ryder is that girl: the one in high school who was head cheerleader, homecoming queen and the one who tore you to shreds just for being different. Now things are a bit different. Sure at one time she was married to her high school sweetheart with a great job doing PR in Chicago, but now he wants a divorce and her liberal use of work time has caused her to be downsized. Living in her parents home deep in credit card debt, Lissy doesn't have much to look forward to- except her 20 year high school reunion.

Expecting her classmates to accept simple apologies, Lissy goes ready to start her own PR firm to represent their now successful lives. It's too bad for Lissy that none of them want to forgive her. After having a bit too much box wine to drink, she ends up in the care of classmate Debbie, now Deva. Deva gives Lissy a remedy that will help her find inner peace, which really takes Lissy back. Back 1991 and her 17 year old self.

With a second chance to right all her wrongs, will the new Lissy Ryder make all the right choices, and will those choices be worth it in the end? Jen Lancaster does it again with a hysterical look at second chances and how one little change to the past can create an entirely different future. Make sure you have a huge chunk of time to read, because once you start Here I Go Again, you won't want to put it down!