Friday, April 26, 2013

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Beth and Jennifer are best friends, and they both work for The Courier - Beth writing movie reviews, Jennifer writing headlines for the Omaha paper.  They tell each other everything - usually via office email.  Beth is completely freaked out about being in her little sister's wedding (maid of honor, ugh), and is pretty sure her musician boyfriend Chris is never going to ask her to marry him.  Jennifer is worried about her maternal instincts - mostly, that she doesn't have them - and what to do about the fact that her high school marching band teacher husband really, really wants a baby.

Lincoln is the new IT guy, hired to work second shift mostly so he can monitor (read: spy for a suspicious administration sure that giving Internet access to employees basically means giving them free license to mess around on the clock) the interoffice email of his co-workers, who he really doesn't know, since he always works nights.  He doesn't really like reading other people's email for a living - but if he stays long enough, he can probably move out of his mom's house (who does, admittedly, make him some really excellent to go dinners).  He's also working on the Millennium upgrade, just in case the world ends in 2000.  Beth and Jennifer's emails to each other end up in his inbox as red-flagged all the time, but Lincoln can't bring himself to warn them to stop - and he also can't seem to stop reading them.  They're just so fun and nice and he loves how they really seem to care about each other - especially Beth.

This quirky romantic comedy is for devout fans of the movie Office Space, readers who swooned over author Rainbow Rowell's new, critically acclaimed novel, Eleanor & Park, or for everyone who loved the bizarre (but fabulous!) oddity of the characters in Matthew Quick's The Silver Linings Playbook.  For anyone who's ever stayed in a job just a little too long hoping to catch just one more smile from their crush while waiting for the elevator, Attachments is definitely one you should be reading on your lunch break - after all, maybe she'll ask you what you're reading!