Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Spark by Kristine Barnett

It all started with alphabet flashcards that Jacob would bring to school every day. His teachers, and case workers thought that his parents had expectations that were too high for the 3 year old diagnosed with autism. They wanted to be sure he could dress himself, and learning the alphabet was too much to ever hope for. What they didn't know is that it wasn't his parents sending the cards with him. It was Jake who loved those cards.

Kristine Barnett tells the story of her oldest son Jacob or Jake and his diagnosis of Autism and how he exceeded expectations of his case workers and did learn to read, go to regular school and even attend college at the age of 9. But she's telling more than Jake's story, as she talks about the children she worked with at various autism groups she set up; children who were given reports of what they could not do, yet she found things they could do. It is also the story of parents of children with autism who are desperate for a community as well as advocates who see potential in their children.

Kristine is all of these things, advocate, support system and super mom. The Spark is an uplifting read and will have you looking for the great potential in every child you interact with. Author Kristine Barnett is the type of person you want to advocate for your children, and you know she would. Not just for parents of children with autism, any parent or person who works with children can benefit from the powerful message of The Spark.

The Spark will be published on April 9th. This review is based on an Advanced Reader's Edition sent from the publisher.