Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rapture Practice by Aaron Hartzler

Aaron's life is guided by one simple rule: Jesus is coming back soon, and everything he does should be pleasing to Jesus. Play with He-Man action figures? Not when Jesus is the true master of the Universe. Watch E.T.? What would Jesus say if the previews were not pleasing? Listen to Amy Grant? She sometimes drinks wine!

Aaron is confused, torn and most of all unsure that these rules issued by his parents are truly a concern to Jesus. Like any teenager questioning the world around him, he rebels: listens to rock music, watches movies and he might even drink beer. He does this and still has the image of the perfect son to a father who works as a pastor and at a Bible College and a stay at home mom who works with children. Of course he doesn't have the perfect relationship with his parents, as his risky behaviors do have consequences. At one point he even gets taken out of his Christian high school and sent to the even more strict Christian high school across town. And here is where the story gets really good.

Marketed as a book for Young Adults, Rapture Practice might resonate more with readers with their teen years behind them. Growing up Christian or even religious will help understand Aaron's confusion and frustration; however his humor and attitude will leave readers of all backgrounds laughing and crying. You can't help but root for the kid who both admires and is confused by his parents. Fans of humorous memoir will be begging for the next chapter in Aaron Hartzler's life after finishing Rapture Practice.