Friday, May 3, 2013

Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

Lottie is anticipating a proposal from her boyfriend.  She’s sure it’s going to happen soon.  When his 'big news' turns out to be what trip to use their frequent flyer miles on she realizes he is not planning on marriage.  When an ex-boyfriend calls out of the blue she decides to meet up with him and they end up engaged.  Fliss, Lottie’s sister, is alarmed at the news knowing it’s an Unfortunate Choice that Lottie always makes after a breakup.  She makes it her mission to prevent Lottie from ruining her life and does everything possible to prevent the marriage from being consummated.  This entertaining and funny novel is a great escape and will be sure to please Sophie Kinsella’s many fans.  Check out Wedding Night @the library!