Tuesday, August 13, 2013

20 Questions with Author Andrea Lochen: the Final Installment


Today's the day! Local author Andrea Lochen will be doing a reading and Q&A session about her new novel The Repeat Year here at the West Allis Public Library TONIGHT Tuesday, August 13th at 7 PM in the Constitution Room.  In preparation for her visit, Andrea did a little interview with me in order for you dear patrons to get to know her a bit.  Today marks our final 2 questions!

      Q. 19: The chicken or the egg?  
      Definitely the chicken (but don’t ask me why)!

      Q. 20: Do you dream up your characters or are they based on real people?  

      There are definitely qualities of people I know (including myself) in all of my characters.  (Truthfully, there’s probably a little piece of me in every character I write.)  But it’s not a perfect one to one ratio, where someone could say, “Oh, clearly that character is based on So-and-So.”  The traits get redistributed and blended with behaviors and quirks I’ve also invented.

We have several copies of Andrea's book here at the library if you would like to prep yourself with questions but get one soon!  They are always flying off the shelves!  Signed copies of the novel will be available for purchase this evening at the reading.  Join us at 7 PM in the Constitution Room!