Friday, August 2, 2013

The Repeat Year by Andrea Lochen

How would you like to repeat a year?  What would you do differently if you had the chance?  Well the main character in this novel, Olive gets that chance.  Olive Watson is 25 years old and works as a nurse in a hospital.  She wakes up on New Year’s Day 2011, a year that she has already lived.   She realizes that she is able to change her future and learn from the mistakes that she made in 2011.  She also comes across another “repeater” who is also reliving this year, and the two of them are able to share this struggle together.

The author, Andrea Lochen, currently lives in Milwaukee with her husband.  This novel has various references to Wisconsin, such as the Wisconsin weather or the Brewers baseball team.  So if you live in Wisconsin this story will make you feel right at home.  “The Repeat Year” is a must read.   I usually take weeks to read a book but this one I was able to read in three days because it truly kept my attention and I could not put it down.  It is a page turner that is beautifully written.  As a reader you become a part of Olive’s subconscious as she struggles with her choices of her previous year and tries to change the year she is reliving.  There are also many life struggles that Olive is going through that many readers may relate to.  Andrea did an amazing job creating characters that I wanted to root for.  Anyone who would love to relive a time in their life would truly enjoy reading this book.  

Check out The Repeat Year @ the library! And stop by the West Allis Public Library of August 13th at 7 PM to meet the author! For more details, check out the library calendar.