Tuesday, October 8, 2013

City of Women by David R. Gillham

The year is 1943 and while most of the men are fighting in the war, Berlin is a city of women.  One of these women is Sigrid Schroder.  Her husband is a soldier at the front and she is living with his mother.  On the surface Sigrid appears to be a good German, going to work every day and sacrificing for the war effort.  In actuality she has a Jewish lover and is helping move Jewish men, women, and children to safety.  In contrast to a lot of books about World War II the Germans aren't all bad just as the Jews aren't all victims.  The author captured the feel of wartime Berlin when everyone was looking over their shoulder and had to watch what they said lest they be turned into the Gestapo.

This story will make you reflect on what you would do when faced with the decision Sigrid faces:  help and risk your own safety or sit by while people are murdered.  Checkout City of Women @ the library!