Friday, October 11, 2013

Self-Inflicted Wounds by Aisha Tyler

Are you familiar with the comedian Aisha Tyler? Maybe you've seen her hosting Whose Line Is It Anyway, or remember her as Ross's girlfriend on Friends, or perhaps you remember her Talk Soup days. No matter where you've seen her, you know she's smart observant and the kind of person you'd want to have coffee with and maybe hear some of her stories.

Here's your chance, grab Self-Inflicted Wounds, a cup of coffee, sit down with Aisha. She'll tell you stories about growing up vegetarian before it was cool, being a tall, dorky girl who didn't quite fit in until she found people like her. From her days frying up chicken in her mom's best shirt, to her trip down the mountain on a snowboard that resulted in a broken arm at the worst possible time, you'll laugh with Aisha. And like any good friend, she wants you to learn from her mistakes, and she'll be laughing with you.

Check out Self-Inflected Wounds @ the library!