Friday, October 17, 2014

Heroes Are My Weakness by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Annie is down on her luck, broke and off to the only place she can call home. Her home is also the last place in the world she wants to return to. Peregrine island, off the coast of Maine, should have held happy memories of her youth, however a near death experience at the hands of a close friend leaves her a bit scared, and not looking forward to her stay. With her mother's death, Annie's debts and her lack of jobs or housing, it looks like the Moonraker Cottage is the only place she can go this winter.

If it wasn't bad enough to be on this island in the dead of winter, now she has another issue to deal with, Theo Harp, the boy who broke her heart and almost killed her all those years ago. He's back on the island to write his next best seller, and morn for his own loss. Old friends, and some of the nicer locals help her find her footing, but how can she find her footing if she's always in the shadow of Harp House and Theo. Theo, who she should hate, but who may not be the bad guy she has him pegged as. Will the past be their undoing, or have they both changed enough to let the past stay in the past?

Fans of Susan Elizabeth Phillips will enjoy the traditional banter between the two characters and the mysteries the pop up during her stay. The local characters are charming, and a bit disarming at the same time. Then there are Annie's puppets, who are always in her mind speaking, advising and warning her about what is going on in her life. Romance fans looking for a bit of substance behind the story will want to check out Heroes are My Weakness.