Friday, October 3, 2014

Next: A Novel by James Hynes

Kevin Quinn is suffering a midlife crisis. Unhappy with his job, his girlfriend and his life in general, he has decided to interview for a new job. Telling no one of his plans, he takes a one day trip, leaving Ann Arbor, Michigan, early in the morning for an afternoon job interview in Austin, Texas. During this long day, Kevin has basically three things on his mind—the many possibilities of a terrorist attack, pursuing any beautiful woman who crosses his path, and the random events of his life that led him to take this chance at radical change. Once in Austin, Kevin has many hours to wait until his afternoon interview. He wiles away the time by stalking (rather innocently) several women who attract his attention, eventually meeting one, a doctor, who generously helps him when he trips and falls while pursuing her. Despite his shallow and self-absorbed pre-occupation with his own wants and needs, Kevin is a likeable guy. The examination of his life is filled with honest criticism as well as funny and to-the-point observations about American culture. Despite his somewhat risky behavior during his day in Austin, Kevin manages to arrive for his appointment clean, composed and on time. But he is not prepared for what happens while he waits for his interview. Events take an unexpected turn and the NEXT part of his life does not turn out as expected.

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