Friday, March 18, 2016

The Coincidence of Coconut Cake by Amy E. Reichert

Elizabeth "Lou" Johnson has worked tirelessly to open her quaint French restaurant, Louella's, in downtown Milwaukee. Her restaurant, named with her grandmother in mind, is a work of love for Lou. It's the place where she feels most at home, especially now that she's engaged to a narcissistic guy who always discounts Lou's opinions, ideas, and dreams. On the morning of her fiance Devlin's birthday, Lou sets out to surprise him by making her grandma's delicious coconut cake. When she gets to his apartment and catches him scantily clad with his assistant, life takes a negative turn for Lou.

Al Waters is a British transplant to Milwaukee. With a passion for food, Al (who uses the pen name A.W. Wodyski) has taken a job as an often despised food critic for a local paper. Realizing that Milwaukee is just a small stepping stone to advance his career, Al realizes he won't be here long and has nothing to lose with his harsh criticism of local restaurants. Just when he thinks he's about had enough of Milwaukee, he meets a woman who smells like vanilla and just so happens to be carrying a coconut cake.

Lou and Al's worlds collide on the night that Lou found her fiance with his assistant. Without Lou knowing A.W. Wodyski has come to review her restaurant, and suffice it to say the critic catches Lou on a day where even the easiest dish would be off kilter. Fate continues to throw Al and Lou together, and without knowing much about one another, sparks fly between them.

With a definite rom-com, You've Got Mail feel, The Coincidence of Coconut Cake is sure not to disappoint if you need a light fluffy read. Reichert, a lifelong Wisconsin resident, definitely knows her way around Milwaukee as she writes about Al and Lou's adventures to find the best food this city.