Friday, March 4, 2016

The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood

Mary has the perfect life. She has a loving husband, a sweet little girl, and a career as a reviewer for the local paper. When Stella, Mary's daughter, suddenly dies, Mary's life comes screeching to a halt. Mary is thrown into the depths of depression--she doesn't want to get out of bed, she doesn't answer the door for her friends, and her marriage begins to suffer. When Mary's somewhat estranged mother suggests she take a knitting class, Mary scoffs at the idea.

With little to lose, Mary reluctantly joins a knitting circle at Big Alice's knitting shop. Big Alice, who teaches Mary to knit tells her that to "knit is to save your life." Trying desperately to cope with her loss, Mary begins knitting, and in doing so, begins to connect with the fellow members of the knitting group. After hearing other stories of loss, Mary begins to come to terms with her own grief and finally feels comfortable sharing Stella's story. In the process, Mary makes new friends, rekindles her relationship with her husband, and begins to feel like herself again.

Written by Anne Hood, who knows the pain that Mary felt all too well, The Knitting Circle will make you laugh and cry. For anyone who is an avid knitter, this book is a wonderful read. It almost makes you want to pick up knitting needles and yarn and "knit to save your life."