Friday, December 30, 2016

The Highly Effective Detective by Richard Yancy

Currently out of print, but readily available to borrow from the Milwaukee County Federated Library System is the Highly Effective Detective from Richard Yancy. Teddy Ruzak is the hilarious, naive, not the brightest yer keenly observant, Highly Effective Detective. Teddy has been skating through life as a security guard for over a decade after failing out of the police academy. His mother has recently died, and he has inherited enough money to open his own agency. Of course, Teddy didn't check state regulations on licensing and has no actual experience or knowledge in detective work, yet he manages to stay afloat with the help of his friend/secretary and his uncanny ability to observe. His first case involves a hit and run incident and the poor victims are baby geese. The client/eyewitness was so upset at the time that all he noticed about the vehicle is that it was a black SUV. This SUV ends up leading to a much more deadly case. Yancy's book is plot-driven with a suspenseful tone and very amusing dialogue. Readers that enjoy Diane Mott Davidson, Martha Grimes, Roberts Parker, and Spencer Quinn might also enjoy this book.