Friday, January 6, 2017

Slice Harvester by Colin Hagendorf

Twenty-something Colin Hagendorf was stuck in life. He was the punk rocker type, who probably drank more than he should, and suffered from bad relationship after bad relationship. In an attempt to kind of right his wrongs and piece his life back together, Colin decided to try a piece of classic cheese pizza from every pizzeria in New York City...all 435 of them and blog about the slices (both good and bad!) and structure that it brought to his life.

With the quest to try all of the pizza that New York City has to offer, this adventure provided just what Hagendorf needed. Written as if the reader is conversing with Hagendorf, he sticks to his convictions, whether it be about punk rock or pizza. Written with humor, Slice Harvester will make you feel for the author all while craving a slice of really good pizza.